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Ad-hoc Committee on Society Finances
Award Committees
Awards Committee, Claude E. Shannon Award Selection Committee, Aaron D. Wyner Award Selection Committee, James L. Massey Research and Teaching Award for Young Scholars Selection Subcommittee, Thomas M. Dissertation Award Subcommittee
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
Conference Committee
The Conference Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding Society sponsorship of proposed technical meetings, monitors the pipeline of technical meeting proposals, stimulates new proposals, coordinates organizing teams as needed, and maintains guidelines for workshops and symposia.
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall consist of the two most recent past Presidents of the Board. The senior past President shall be the chairperson of the Committee. This Committee is charged with preparing suitable revisions to keep the Constitution and Bylaws up to date and with insuring that the Board is made aware of those sections of these documents pertinent to proposed actions.
External Nominations Committee
The external nominations committee is responsible for soliciting, processing and submitting nominations for IEEE and non-IEEE awards, e.g., IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, Paper Awards.
Fellows Committee
The Fellows Committee shall be responsible for providing the IEEE Fellow Committee with the Society evaluation of nominations to Fellow grade. The Committee shall consist of at least seven IEEE Fellows, appointed by the Nominations and Appointments Committee, who hold membership in the Society and represent all its major technical areas. The Chair shall be appointed by October 1st of the previous year, and the remaining members by the 31st of December. The term of office of the Chair shall be three years. Typically members of the committee will serve for three years, with staggered terms.
Information Theory Magazine Steering Committee
Information Theory School Subcommittee
Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory (JSAIT) Steering Committee
Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining up do date membership records, a roster of Chapter officers, and a summary of current Chapter activity. The Committee recommends measures for disseminating information about the Society and for encouraging interest in Society activities among prospective members. It responds to membership inquiries and periodically ascertains the opinions of the membership with regard to group policies and activities. The standing subcommittees of the Membership Committee include the following: Student and Outreach Subcommittee, School Subcommittee. The Membership Committee shall consist of the 2nd Vice-President of the Society, who shall serve as chairperson, and of such other Society members appointed by the 2nd Vice-President.
Nominations and Appointments Committee
The Nominations and Appointments Committee nominates and appoints chairs and additional members of the committees as outlined in the Bylaws.
Online Committee
The Online Committee leads the Society's web efforts by working with web technologies and developers to deliver the latest features to the Society websites.
Publications Committee
The Publications Committee oversees the solicitation and review of papers for publication and shall edit, prepare and publish the Transactions, Special Issues, Monographs, and Newsletter as directed by the Board, with the assistance of the IEEE Editorial Office.?Membership consists of the Society President, Vice Presidents, Newsletter Editor, Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions, Executive Editor, the Publications Editors and all Associate Editors for the Transactions. ?
Student and Outreach Subcommittee
The Student and Outreach Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Membership Committee. ? The task of the Subcommittee?is, broadly speaking, to provide events and services that address needs and encourage the participation of our students and underrepresented demographics, while being of interest and use to the community at large. ?
Women in Information Theory (WITHITS)
The WithITS program has as its mission to provide events and services that address needs and encourage participation of our underrepresented demographics, while being of interest and use to the community at large.