Instructions and Guidelines for Submitting Content

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You can advertise your conference, news, job openings and other announcements using the Society's mailing list, web site and newsletter.

Announcements for the Mailing List and Web Site

同乐城娱乐 The Society's News and Events email list is sent to hundreds of society members and friends. To announce your event, first post to this web site. ?Web site announcements are sent to the email list subscribers. Your posts consist of a brief title, a short description, and a longer block of text that provides additional information.? A photo or image along with a caption can also be included. Items that are appropriate as announcements include (but are not limited to) news items, job announcements, awards, calls for papers, and requests for volunteers.

If you do not have an account on the Society's web site, you'll need to?create one.?

There are two types of announcements: news items and events. ?Use an event for items with dates, such as conferences.

News Items

To submit an announcement or news item, please do the following:

  1. Log in to your account. ?
  2. Go to Add News Item?which is
  3. Include an image and caption to increase the impact of your announcements if you have them.? Large or high-resolution images will be scaled automatically by the system.
  4. Important: Click on the "State: Private" tab and select "Submit".? Online Editor(s) will review and publish the content within a few days. You can the online editor to accelerate this process.

Events, Including Conferences

Conferences have a prominent role in the life of the Society. To ensure that conference events are properly advertised and archived, please follow these instructions

  1. Log in?to your account
  2. Go to Add Event which is to
  3. Include as much detail about the event as possible, particularly dates, times, locations, and contact information.
  4. If you event is a conference select "conference" as the event type. If appropriate, also select "ISIT" or "ITW". You can select multiple tags by holding the shift key while clicking
  5. Important: Click on the "State: Private" tab and select "Submit".? Online Editor(s) will review and publish the content within a few days. You can??the online editor to accelerate this process.

Upon publication, the conference event will be automatically listed as an "upcoming conference" and an "upcoming event". At the end of the conference, it will be automatically archived as a "past conference".

Your approved item will appear on the web site as Recent News or an Upcoming Event. Approved items are sent to the mailing list usually within 24 hours. ?You may want to subscribe to the mailing list.?You may also consider submitting to the newsletter as well.

A detailed tutorial on how to create a conference event is available in the help center


The front page of the Society website has a rotating slideshow to highlight new and interesting events, announcements, and content for the Society. To submit a item for a slideshow, a suitably high-resolution graphic image (1600 x 571 pixels) is needed along with some title text and a link or pointer to an announcement or page on the Society site. For example, to highlight a WITHITS event at the Allerton conference, you would?post the event, create a graphic, and send the link and graphic to the Online Editor at?.


Regular newsletter columns in LaTeX or Word formats cannot be submitted to the website, but should be submitted directly to the Newsletter Editor.

Newsletter Submission Instructions and Guidelines

The Online Editor and the Newsletter Editor are happy to work with authors to translate content into a suitable form for the website as well.