Upcoming Conferences

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The Information Theory Society sponsors several conferences and workshops each year, either as a primary sponsor or as a technical co-sponsor. Upcoming conferences on information theory are listed below. For information on past conferences, see the links to the left.

同乐城娱乐 www.liuzhitangejiao.com Conferences financially sponsored by ITSoc

Conferences technically co-sponsored by IT local chapters

2019 XVI International Symposium "Problems of Redundancy in Information and Control Systems" (REDUNDANCY)
21-25 Oct 2019 | MIEM HSE, 34 Tallinskaya street, Moscow, Russia
GlobalSIP Symposium on Machine Learning for Wireless Communications, Networking and Security
11-14 Nov 2019 | Ottawa, Canada
2021 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)
11-16 Jul 2021 | Melbourne, Australia