Statement on Sexual Harassment

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The Board of Governors approved a statement on sexual harassment at its meeting in June 2018.

同乐城娱乐 The Board of Governors condemns sexual harassment in the strongest terms and affirms that the?Information Theory Society will be guided by best practices as outlined in the National Academies 2018 report?suggesting “that the most potent predictor of sexual harassment is organizational climate” and that?research communities “can take concrete steps to reduce sexual harassment by demonstrating how?seriously” they “listen to those who courageously speak up to report their sexual harassment?experiences."

We therefore reaffirm that?the guiding principle for ITSoc volunteers and?members is to act ethically and respectfully towards other?members, not to denigrate victims or reporters of?sexual harassment, nor discourage other members from reporting sexual harassment.? Volunteers and members are not to engage in any form of retaliation, bullying or cyber-bullying around sexual harassment cases.? Volunteers and members are reminded that the IEEE has policies and procedures in place to handle reported violations.